Special meeting between Jaffna Municipal Chief Minister – British High Commissioner.

Thinappuyal English January 24, 2019 Comments Off on Special meeting between Jaffna Municipal Chief Minister – British High Commissioner.


The Chief Minister of Jaffna Municipal Council Principal Immanuel Anand and Head of South Asia – British High Commissioner, Head of South Asia Department and India coordinator and Chief Secretary of the British High Commission Colombo and Paul Green, Their alley A special meeting was held yesterday (23) at the office.

The High Commissioner asked the recent change in the meeting and the latter. The Chief Minister responded to the denial of their demands and the TNA’s manner of functioning. He further said that due to regime change, various development activities in the Jaffna town have been blocked and the initiatives are now under way to resume it.

Are people happy now? The High Commissioner’s question is’ No. People who have been waiting for a political solution for a long time have not yet received a more reasonable solution. The Tamil National Alliance is continuing with all kinds of initiatives to obtain the e-solution. What kind of resolution will be put forward in Sri Lanka in the upcoming March? How will political changes happen? How can 2/3 of the Constitutional Proposal adopted by this non-major government be fulfilled? If not, the fear that the people’s expectation will be like a parrot is still there. “

The Chief Minister explained the positions of the Tamil National Alliance on the political issue and the High Commissioner told them he and the Chairman Rajamantan had addressed the people’s issues and political positions.

The High Commissioner has also indicated that he is ready to continue to cooperate with all the activities of the Chief Minister.

In this meeting Mr. Jaffna Municipal Commissioner Mr. It is noteworthy that Jayaseelan and Deputy Chief Minister Surender are joined.

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