Fisheries industry affected in Ampara

Thinappuyal English May 26, 2020 Comments Off on Fisheries industry affected in Ampara

Coastal fishermen in the Kalmunai area of Ampara District have been affected by the coastal fishing industry.

They attributed the sea level difference and sea turbulence that has occurred over the past few days to areas such as the Great Lakes, Maruthamunai and Kalmunai areas.

They point out that the seawater has become a barrier to drainage and that sand is being pushed inward, causing the garment to become unstable.

Due to the lack of catch fish in the catchment area, the price of fish is also increasing in these areas.

It is reported that sea turbulence is gradually increasing from these areas and also affecting the Karaitivu, Nintavur, Oluvil and Pothuvil area.