Glad to find a separate identity in cinema – Samantha

Thinappuyal English March 17, 2020 Comments Off on Glad to find a separate identity in cinema – Samantha
சினிமாவில் தனி அடையாளம் கிடைத்தது மகிழ்ச்சி - சமந்தா

Samantha is a leading actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Samantha starred in Telugu remake titled ‘Janu Jompa’ and failed to release the 96 hit film in Tamil. Yet Samantha continues to have film opportunities.

The interview he gave was as follows: – Adults will say that what should happen at any age is the same. Let me change that a little bit and tell you what happened at any given moment in my cinematic journey. Not everything we thought would happen right away. There must be a time for anything.

There was a despair that there were more opportunities to come to the cinema. But looking back now I realize that I was only doing pictures that were my age. Nobody would have seen me if I had acted in films that were important to the heroine then.

I tried to implant my stamp while posing for the heroes. That is why it was possible to obtain a separate identity. It’s been 10 years. One has to have patience. I am now mature in cinema even though I am excited ”.

Thus said Samantha.