Implement death sentence for drug smugglers – SJB

Thinappuyal English July 28, 2020 Comments Off on Implement death sentence for drug smugglers – SJB


Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) leader Sajith Premadasa emphasized the need to implement the death sentence on drug smugglers.

He said that drug smugglers are influencing the young generation and school children into drugs but what the government is doing is sentence them to life imprisonment which indirectly facilitates them to carry on with their business while being in custody. Premadasa said this at a meeting held in Kandy to support Kandy district SJB candidates. Premadasa further said that there will be no excuse for drug smugglers by him and the law will be implemented equally on everybody.

“In order to establish a society free of narcotics and illegal drugs, the system followed by Singapore must be followed” he added. Moreover he said that drug smugglers are handling their businesses successfully inside the prison and the judiciary must be allowed to carry out their duties and decide on the punishments independently.