Police arrest 16 persons for violating curfew

Thinappuyal English March 21, 2020 Comments Off on Police arrest 16 persons for violating curfew

The Police have arrested 16 persons who had violated the curfew in several places, the Police Media Division stated.

Accordingly, the police had arrested seven persons yesterday for violating curfew laws in the Ampara, Nallathanniya and Walasmulla areas yesterday. Two persons were arrested for travelling in a car in the Nallathanniya area around 11.40 last night without any valid reason. Another person was arrested for loitering on the streets in Ampara around 8.30 yesterday.

Further, four persons were arrested in Walasmulla around 10.30 pm while they were transporting sand in two tippers.

In addition, nine persons were arrested today (21) in the Dambulla area at around 9.30 for riding around in two trishaws and three motorcycles without a valid reason in the Bulagala area in Dambulla. The suspects are in the age groups of 25-50, the police said.

The suspects will be produced before the Dambulla Magistrate’s Court today by the Dambulla Police.