Rice mill supplied to Satosa to deal with shortage of rice

Thinappuyal English December 10, 2019 Comments Off on Rice mill supplied to Satosa to deal with shortage of rice

The government has started a crash programme to process paddy,kept stored in ware houses to overcome any shortage of rice in the local market. According to Anuradhapura District Secretary R.M.Wanninanayake, over 950,000 kilogrammes of paddy have been issued to nine rice mills in the Anuradhapura district as of yesterday. He added that paddy stocks in government ware houses will be issued to rice mills continuously.

“Rice mill owners will be selected by the respective Divisional Secretariats for the processing of paddy, based on the instructions of the Finance Ministry,” he said.

 He said a stock of 1 million kilogrammes of paddy is to be issued to rice mills within the next few days. Samba paddy stocks of over 4,733,710 Kg stored in ware houses in the Anuradhapura district are to be issued to the rice mills for processing and Lanka Sathosa will purchase a kilo of Samba rice at Rs.80 from mill owners.

Wanninayake expects these rice stocks to be issued to Lanka Sathosa by December 15.