The Tamil medium is a post-Sri Lankan government and a threat to the terrorist investigation

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Gajendrakumar in the UN.

Here is the speech delivered in the General Discussion Issue 08 on the 40th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.
Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam

The Vienna Declaration and Vienna Convention recognizes that a group of people are entitled to take any legal action in order to enjoy the right to self-determination as it is under the UN Charter.

The Tamil nation, which faced the structural genocide of the state, has been continuously struggling in Sri Lanka to secure the right to self-determination.


When the Sri Lankan government took up the violence, it was the reaction of the Tamil side to take the weapon.

At the same time, the Sri Lankan government considered it as the target of the Tamil Liberation Organization, as well as individuals and organizations considered to be the supporters of the Tamils’ self-determination struggle.

Among these, media organizations, journalists and media workers have been greatly affected.

Of the 48 journalists killed in Sri Lanka during the war period, 41 were Tamil journalists who were assassinated by the Sri Lankan government. Two other journalists who are not Tamils are the only two journalists who have been killed by the state for expressing state repression against Tamils.

The Tamilnadu media organization is the ultimate goal of Sri Lanka. They have been threatened by the terrorist group and have been subjected to legal action for publishing an article about a warrior who fought for Tamils’ right to self-determination.

The Terrorism Division has also taken place despite the Sri Lankan Government’s commitment to the Terrorism Act.

If the United Nations continues to recognize this right as self-determination as a symbolic one, I indicate that everyone who is actually fighting for self-determination will continue to be targeted.

The UN General Assembly has made it clear that the UN General Assembly has taken the Sri Lankan Government’s ears to make sure that the Sri Lankan government will be punished for the UN Human Rights Council.

Tamil politicians and non-governmental organizations want to keep Tamils in Sri Lanka in an illusion.

One party is confronting each other that he should not give time to a Sri Lankan to give time to Sri Lanka, but he is a traitor and he is a traitor and is not prepared to give a single request to the UN Human Rights Council and its member states. Everyone is targeting their political interests and vote banks and it does not seem to be working in the interests of the Tamil people.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and its leadership are not aware of the wishes of the people chosen by the Tamil people through the vote of the Tamil people. The obvious fact is that the Tamil National Alliance president Sampanthan did not show concern for the victims who were interested in getting his own concessions.

It does not seem to support the government to stand up for demands to win the rights of the Tamil people. There are allegations that there are allegations of support for the privileges of the individual.


Recently, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has not been asked to vote for the Kalmunai Tamil Divisional Secretariat or not to vote in favor of the Batticaloa Ampara Tamils. But rejecting that request, the TNA has voted for the budget. The Tamil people, who put forward this demand, will not accept a thousand reasons for voting in favor. The TNA’s disappointment that the Tamil National Alliance has deluded themselves and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will have a major impact on the upcoming elections in Ampara and Batticaloa districts.

Apart from this, there is widespread accusation among the Tamil people that the Tamil National Alliance is working on the UN Human Rights Council to protect the state.

Five Tamil parties, including TELO who are members of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), will not be granted time for Sri Lanka to submit a joint statement