Victory is not only ours, but of entire country – Mahinda Rajapaksa

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Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa today extended his gratitude to all voters who placed their faith on the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), which gained a landslide victory in the 2020 General Election.

He said elections were conducted in a safe and responsible manner, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. “We had faith in the public and this was reflected by the over 70% of the total registered voters who fulfilled their national duty.”

Issuing a statement, he thanked the public for respecting the democracy during this challenging time.

Rajapaksa said that not many countries would hold an election at a time like this, but they executed it successfully and exemplarily to rest of the world, and portrayed the strength of our country and the people.

“The victory is not only ours, but of the entire country. By successfully conducting this election, we showed the public that we are capable of effectively carrying out the President’s ‘Vision of prosperity’,” he said.

The Election Commission, health services, security forces and other public sector employees ensured the health and safety of the public by adhering to the health and safety guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Finally, I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the Election commission, health services, security forces, journalists, election supervisors and the general public who helped to conduct a very peaceful election,” he said.

Earlier today, the PM had issued a statement urging party supporters to celebrate the victory in peace and harmony.

“I extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna voters for their immense support given to us, on the journey to build a brighter future for Sri Lanka. This commendation is for everyone who tirelessly supported us during both the Presidential and General elections.”

“My heartfelt gratitude to the people of the Kurunegala district, for their overwhelming support and confidence in me which was reflected by my victorious victory. It is our priority to strengthen the trust that you have placed in President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and me.”

“You entrusted us with the crucial role of rebuilding the country during a challenging time, and we assure you that we will fulfill this responsibility. We cordially invite everyone to join hands with us on this journey to develop our beloved country, despite our differences.”

“I humbly request you all to celebrate our greatest victory in a respectful and meaningful manner whilst strictly adhering to the laws of the country.”

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