DMC, Air Force on standby in case of disaster situation due to adverse weather

The prevailing inclement weather conditions due to the South-West monsoon establishing over the island has afflicted many lives and communities.

The Department of Meteorology warns that heavy showers exceeding 150 mm are expected in many parts of the island for 03 days from tomorrow (May 24) due to the depression in the sea area off the northeastern Bay of Bengal. The Department also expects an increase in winds across the island.

Accordingly, flood and landslide warnings have been issued on several districts.

The Disaster Management Center (DMC) stated that relief centers have been set up for the residents of 12 areas that have been warned of adverse weather conditions.

In addition, special centers have been set up in each area to deal with disasters associated with the COVID-19 and Dengue epidemics, Director of DMC Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe said.

Meanwhile, intermediate treatment and quarantine centers have also been set up in collaboration with the medical unit to detain quarantined persons in the event of a disaster, he said. He said that persons under quarantine would be evacuated 24 hours in advance and directed to the quarantine centers. They are able to inform the authorities via the hotline ‘117’.

The Director urged fishing and naval communities to be vigilant in the next 24 hours as the sea areas around the island can get rough.

Major General Ranasinghe also requested the public to evacuate immediately when authorities issue warnings.  He added, “Those who are quarantined should not wait until the last moment. Let us know in advance. Then we can evacuate them with the assistance of the medical department.

In addition, pregnant women in disaster areas should not wait until the last minute. Leave at least 24 hours early and go to the nearest hospital.”

He further requested the general public not to go boating or engage in excursions. “Disasters are not for sight-seeing”, he added.

Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) stated that 09 helicopters and specially trained troops are on standby for relief and rescue operations in the event of a disaster due to inclement weather.

Meanwhile, it is reported that 17 estate workers have been hospitalized after being struck by lightning in the Kotagala area in Hatton.

(Ada derana)

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