Travel for essentials only on Tuesday – Army Commander

National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak Head, Army Commander, Gen.Shavendra Silva said relaxing travel restrictions tomorrow (25) was to allow the public to purchase essential goods and services.

He said relaxing travel restrictions on Tuesday will allow the public to purchase essential goods and services such as food and medicine.

The Army Commander further added that travel restrictions will only be relaxed but not removed. Only essential goods and service providers such as groceries selling food items and pharmacies and filling stations will be allowed to remain open during the period travel restrictions are relaxed, he said.

He added that only one person from a household should go out to purchase essential items.“Liquor shops will have to remain closed and non- essential public gatherings will not be permitted, General Silva said.Travel restrictions that came into effect from 11 pm on Friday will be relaxed at 4 am on Tuesday, May 25 and will be re-imposed at 11.00 pm on the same day.

Same regulations will be effective when the travel restrictions are relaxed again at 4 am on Friday 28. The weekend (29, 30) travel restrictions will be determined after reviewing the situation on May 27.
(Daily News)

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