Govt. approves proposal to beautify 100 cities across Sri Lanka

The Government has decided to implement a program to beautify 100 Cities across the country.

Co-cabinet Spokesman Mass Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that the Cabinet of Ministers approved this program.

“Improper town development had hindered the development as well as the upliftment of the livelihood of the people. This project will also address the issue of floods in many areas,” he said.

Some second and third-level cities throughout the island are untidy, ugly and a pain/disturbance to the public for a considerable time due to unorganized development while most of them can be converted public-friendly, pleasing cities by taking necessary steps according to a neat/proper plan.

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution tabled by the Prime Minister as the Minister of Urban Development and Housing for the implementation of a programme called “Hundred Cities” with the assistance of all the government sector institutions and all other parties entrusted with the supply of infrastructure facilities pertaining to systematically beautifying 100 such recognized cities scattered throughout the island by enhancing their fundamental facilities.
(Daily news)

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