Sinead Diver to make Olympic debut at 44

Sinead Diver
Sinead Diver.

For proof that Olympic dreams can be realised later in life, one need only look at the Australian marathon team for this summer’s Tokyo Games.

The squad’s three female members boast a combined age of 118 with the eldest, Sinead Diver, set to make her Olympic debut at 44.

Diver’s achievement is certainly remarkable. The Irish-born runner is poised to become Australia’s oldest ever Olympic competitor.

However, she is understandably determined to ensure that coverage of her exploits in Japan centres not on her age but her prowess as a distance runner.

“I find it extremely frustrating that a lot of the media attention I get is mainly focused on my age,” said Diver, who missed out on the Rio Games in 2016 through injury.

“I know, in some ways, it’s meant to be complimentary – not a lot of athletes continue to find success in their forties.”

“But I’ve been running for a relatively short period of time, so it’s a very different scenario for me. Succeeding at any age is all about your mindset.”
– (BBC)

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