Special programme to sustain children in indoor activities

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a proposal made by Education Minister Prof. G.L.Peiris to implement a special programme to sustain effective teaching and learning during the pandemic through indoor activities, Co-Cabinet Spokesman Plantation Minister Dr.Ramesh Pathirana said.

The Cabinet approved a resolution by the Education Minister to implement a programme called “Sustaining the education of children across indoor activities” utilizing the potential of all institutions and human resources within the entire education sector to the maximum with effect from August 1.

Speaking at the weekly Cabinet media briefing held yesterday at the Government Information Department, Minister Pathirana said that the measures have been taken across various options such as ‘e – thaksalawa’, ‘Guru Gedara’, television and broadcasting programmes, the YouTube Channel of the National Institute of Education and other provincial as well as school-level online lessons to educate students.

However, practical issues have emerged in stimulating schools, principals, teachers, teacher instructors and other senior officers, to maintain common standards in teaching methodologies, taking the number of student participation and evaluation of the learning performance.

The Cabinet granted their consent to implement the following activities under the above-mentioned programme.

1.Standardize and consolidate activities with expected learning outputs for each grade level. 2.Regularizing and supervision of the activities by teachers. 3.Maintaining student performance reports by evaluating students’ performance in a weekly manner by teachers. 4.Implementing indoor learning activities by the principals and the teachers of the school using parents and students. 5.Supervision and regularizing the performance of teachers by the teacher instructors.

6.Appointment of committees comprised of senior officers to supervise the implementation and monitoring of the proposed programme at national, provincial and zonal levels.

(Daily news)

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