Education Minister updates on decision to reopen schools

Initial steps to start schools will be implemented in August after the vaccination of school teachers, the Minister of Education Prof. G. L. Peiris stated.

The Minister mentioned this attending the launch of the vaccination program for school teachers and non-academic staff members in the country today (July 12).

Accordingly, all teachers in the Colombo region will be vaccinated today and the program will be completed tomorrow (July 13).

The Minister pointed out that there are 242,000 teachers in the country and most of them have already been vaccinated.

“Online education is a must in such a situation. But I do not believe for a moment that distance or online education is a satisfying alternative to teaching in the classroom. There are some errors in this method. Therefore, schools cannot be kept closed like this.

We are opening schools as part of opening the whole country. Step-by-step, subject to health advice. We hope to take the first steps here in this coming August.”

Meanwhile, several teachers’ and principals’ associations have withdrawn from online teaching activities due to salary anomalies, arrests, and quarantine of trade union leaders.

Commenting on this, Minister Peiris said that only some teachers have taken steps to withdraw from teaching activities today.

(Ada derana)

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