Interim report of PCoI on human rights violations handed over to President

The Commission was appointed by the President to investigate, inquire into and report or take necessary actions on findings of preceding Commissions or Committees appointed to investigate into human rights violations, serious violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and other such offenses.

The four-member committee chaired by Supreme Court Judge A. H. M. D. Nawaz consists of retired Inspector General of Police Chandra Fernando, retired District Secretary Nimal Abeysiri, and former Mayor of Jaffna Yogeshwari Paththunaraja.

The Commission handed over the relevant interim report yesterday (July 20), according to President’s Media Division.

In its interim report, the Commission has stated that it does not agree with the view that the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) should be repealed and that the law should be amended after studying the laws introduced to prevent terrorism in other countries, including the United Kingdom.

Three proposals have been made to implement the PTA in a more democratic manner, focusing on Sections 9, 11, and 13 of the Act.

(ada derana)

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