Two major hospitals declare ‘state of emergency’

Director of Ratnapura Teaching Hospital said the decision was taken due to the pandemic situation prevailing in the country and the hospital.

Meanwhile, Karapitiya Teaching Hospital arrived at this decision after taking into account the sudden increase in the admissions of COVID-19 patients and the positive cases detected among the hospital’s staff.

The aggravating pandemic situation is threatening to dwindle the capacity of key hospitals across the island.

The National Hospital in Colombo, Colombo South Teaching Hospital in Kalubowila are among the major government hospitals that have exceeded their capacity.

Speaking on the matter, Vice Chairman of Sri Lanka Medical Association, Dr. Manilka Sumanathilake stated that nearly 600 patients are being treated at the Colombo National Hospital at present. “The wards are overcrowded.”

Against this backdrop, the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) raised concerns about the rapid spread of Delta variant in the country and urged the government to revisit its COVID-19 restriction protocols.

They pointed out that the capacity of healthcare system to accommodate oxygen-dependent patients has virtually reached its ‘tipping point’ now.

The AMS also warned that ill-timed relaxation of travel restrictions would lead to a surge in the number of oxygen-dependent patients as well as the death toll.

(ada derana)

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