No matter what we do in the next 14 days, COVID cases, deaths will go up – PHI Union

No matter what is done in the next two weeks, the number of COVID infections and deaths will rise sharply, Public Health Inspectors (PHI) say.

Chairman of the PHI Association Upul Rohana stated that the increase in the number of patients which is unbearable for the health sector should be controlled immediately.

He also stressed that all public and social gatherings would have to be suspended while minimizing economic damage.

He said,” No matter what we do in the next 14 days, the number of patients and deaths will rise sharply. The increase in the number of patients, which is unbearable for hospitals and the health system, needs to be controlled urgently. In order to manage the economy, all social gatherings have to be stopped in order to minimize the economic damage.

Travel restrictions between districts and provinces need to be strictly enforced. Also, calling employees to work unnecessarily should be stopped immediately.

If the increase in patients is not controlled, it will lead to a catastrophe. Every moment of inaction will claim a few lives. That fact must be taken into account. The responsibility of this is with all of us.”

He further said that there is no fear or awareness among the people as the number of infections and deaths reported at the grassroots level does not reach the public properly. – ada derana

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