New system to direct COVID patients for treatment & manage home quarantine in WP

A new procedure has been introduced for triaging COVID-infected patients in the Western Province to direct them to treatment centres and home-based care.

The National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) stated that this new process is implemented with effect from today (August 19), based on SMS and over the phone services.

Accordingly, COVID patients in the Western Province are urged to send a text message to the hotline 1904, mentioning their details including their health condition. They will be classified as patients with breathing difficulties (A), patients with fever (B) and symptomatic patients (C).

Patients are also required to mention their age, National Identify Card (NIC) number and the address in the test message.

The NOCPCO will forward the details sent via SMS to relevant medical teams.

After triaging the patients based on these details, the medical teams will contact patients through telephone number 247 and direct them to treatment centres. Required ambulances services and other treatment facilities will be provided for this purpose, the NOCPCO said further.

Meanwhile, patients who will be directed to home-based care will be contacted by a medical team via hotline 1390 and provide them the necessary instructions.

New Procedure for Triaging COVID-Infected Persons for Hospitalization and Home-based Care

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