Finance Ministry calls for report on deductible expenditure of ministries

The Ministry of Finance has instructed all Secretaries to the ministries to look into the deductible expenditure of each Ministry and submit a report within this week.

The Ministry of Finance has also requested the Treasury to be informed as soon as possible about the deductible expenses and the amount of money expected to be saved from them.

The government has decided to limit expenditure due to the declining revenue of the government in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, both locally and internationally.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance had briefed the ministers at the last Cabinet meeting on restricting government expenditure.

All projects that have not yet commenced, although fund allocations have been made, will be halted and the new purchases, construction, and renovation work of ministries will be temporarily halted.

The Minister of Finance has also instructed the Secretaries to pay attention to further restrictions on allowances. – ada derana

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