Extending lockdown among medical specialists’ recommendations to curb pandemic

Issuing a press release, the AMS states that while feeling strongly for the country’s poorest strata which took the hardest hit from the lockdown, a further period of extension of these travel restrictions will be required to reap the benefits of all the sacrifices of the entire nation.

The AMS also cautions that there is a high possibility of a severe spread of the diseases rendering the country’s healthcare facilities unable to cope if the current restrictions are relaxed too soon.

The statement issued by the AMS also states that the decision to vaccinate schoolchildren, especially the 12-15 age group, should never be rushed without taking time for critical analysis.

However, if it is decided that this age group needs vaccination, the AMS suggests Pfizer Biontech be considered as the most suitable vaccine.

The statement also points out that if re-opening schools hurriedly create ‘school clusters’, the crowd that is added to spread the disease will be far more than the number of school children.

The AMS also adds that a well-calculated, broad-based, and transparent mechanism should be introduced to attract tourists from all over the world while adopting a sound methodology to ensure that Sri Lanka is safe for all and not only for few countries of choice.

The AMS also states that they believe it is morally incorrect and unacceptable to consider a third dose for otherwise healthy and young people until the entire vulnerable population is vaccinated.

In addition, the risk groups who received two doses of Sinopharm should receive a third dose of Pfizer or similar vaccines, the AMS states.

Further, the mindset of the young 20-30 year old needs to be changed with effective education to focus on the fact that the Sinopharm vaccine gives them excellent immunity based on the data available, the AMS pointed out.

The full statement issued by the AMS:

Covid-19 Pandemic – Farsighted Way Forward for Sri Lanka by Adaderana

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