Laugfs Gas increases prices

Laugfs Gas has also decided to increase the price of LG gas cylinders.

Accordingly, the price of the 12.5 kg domestic gas cylinder has been increased by Rs. 984 with the new price reported as Rs. 2,840.

The price of the 5 kg Laugfs Gas cylinder has been increased by Rs. 393 with the new price also increasing to Rs. 1,136.

Litro Gas Lanka and Laugfs Gas, the two main LP Gas suppliers in the country, stated that prices have been increased with effect from midnight yesterday (10).

Litro Gas had increased the price of a 12.5 kg LP gas cylinder by Rs. 1,257 per cylinder. Accordingly, the new price of a domestic LP gas cylinder (12.5 kg) will be Rs. 2,750.

Meanwhile the price of the 5 kg Litro gas cylinder has been increased by Rs. 503 and the 2.5 kg cylinder by Rs. 231. Accordingly, their new prices are Rs. 1,101 and Rs. 520 respectively.

The Cabinet sub-committee on Cost of Living had recently given approval to increase the price of domestic LP gas cylinders, following a request from the gas companies, however this move had not been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Following repeated requests from the relevant companies, the government last week decided to remove the price controls imposed on milk powder, LP Gas, wheat flour and cement.

As a result of this, milk powder importers decided to increase the prices of their products from Saturday (09).

Meanwhile a decision on the increase of wheat flour prices is expected to be taken today (11). – ada derana

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