FM, Pakistani envoy discuss financial security of Priyantha Kumara’s family

Foreign Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris has met with Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan in Colombo Tanvir Ahmad on Thursday (December 09) to discuss the matters related to financial security and compensation of the family of late Priyantha Kumara who was killed by a mob in Sialkot, Pakistan last week.

While highlighting the long-standing friendship and trust between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the minister expressed confidence that the Pakistan Government would take the required steps to ensure that justice would be served to Priyantha Kumara’s family.

Recalling the telephone call with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday, the foreign minister said Qureshi offered his condolences and promised to make available to Sri Lanka all the information from the probe at the earliest.

He also appreciated the intervention of the Pakistan Prime Minister who has taken personal charge of this investigation and taken steps to immediately investigate the incident. He also welcomed the announcement of the donation of USD 100,000 raised by the business community in Sialkot and the payment of monthly salary of Priyantha Kumara to his widow.

Minister Peiris highlighted the fact that the Sri Lankan government is concerned about the future of the two children of the late Priyantha Kumara and the importance of receiving the payments on time.  He requested the Pakistan envoy to arrange a mechanism to ensure that the salary will be received by the family every month without any disruption.

Conveying his heartfelt apologies for the incident, the Acting High Commissioner assured that the Government of Pakistan has taken the necessary steps for a full investigation and ensuring compensation for the family.

The law enforcement agencies in Pakistan are working to ensure the safety of all other Sri Lankans living in Pakistan, he added. – ada derana

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