President releases ‘ecological floating islands’ to Beira Lake

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today (21) released a thousand ecological floating islands to Beira Lake initiating the purifying process of the lake.

Beira Lake has been polluted due to unauthorized urbanization and improper upgrading of sewerage infrastructure in the city of Colombo. The “Ecological floating islands” method was implemented under the guidance of Chairman of the Land Development Corporation, Retired Major General M.R.W. de Soyza, the PMD reported.

Ecologist Ranoshi Siripala points out that the experiment conducted for water purification by planting plants such as Cannas, Savandara and Heliconia using PVC pipes, bamboo and foam mattresses as floating supports has yielded successful results.

Plants in floating wetlands absorb excess nutrients carried in the water. This reduces the amount of algae in the water and purifies the water, eliminates odours, and maintains an ecological balance by providing habitat for water-dependent organisms. Water surface beautification is another benefit, the statement said.

Land Development Corporation Chairman M.R.W. de Zoysa pointed out that the project is expected to play an indirect role in controlling the diseases caused by the mosquito menace. He said a number of other benefits such as increased density of fish can also be achieved at a very low cost from this project.

State Minister Mohan P. De Silva, Municipal Commissioner of the Colombo Municipal Council Roshanie Dissanayake, General Manager of Sri Lanka Land Development Corporation Srimathi Senadheera, Project Director Dr. N.S. Wijeratne and the officials of the Land Development Corporation were also present. – ada derana

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