Seychelles opens investigation into apparent strangulation of Sri Lankan

The Seychelles Police has initiated an investigation into the death of a Sri Lankan national after the autopsy report showed that he died by strangulation.

The 47-year-old, identified as Harindra Ponnawilage, was employed at a construction company located in La Digue, the third most populated island of Seychelles.

His body was found on December 10 in a private house of a businessman who was employing the Sri Lankan national, Seychelles News Agency reported.

A statement issued by the Seychelles Police read: “The businessman who owns a construction company said he went to look for the Sri Lankan after he had not turned up to work for four days. The businessman said that when he reached the house he did not see anybody and when he went to look through the bedroom window, he saw his employee on the floor and was not responding. He then informed the police.”

An examination conducted at the house did not reveal any visible sign on the body, according to news reports.

Three days later, an autopsy recommended by the Seychelles Police has shown that the Sri Lankan national had died by strangulation and the investigation has taken another dimension and is now a murder case.

No suspect has been arrested in connection with the murder case and the investigation is ongoing, the Seychelles Police has said. – ada derana

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