Man strangled to death by son-in-law at a wedding

A person has been strangled to death over a family dispute during a wedding ceremony in the Virahela area in Tissamaharama.

The victim, a 54-year-old man from Lunugamvehera, had been attacked and strangled to death by his son-in-law yesterday (16) due to an argument with family members during a wedding.

The suspect who committed the murder has been identified as the husband of the victim’s eldest daughter while he has reportedly fled the area.

Tissamaharama Police are conducting further investigations to apprehend him.

Meanwhile in a separate incident, a person has been shot and killed using an air rifle at a cultivated land in Pothuvila, Polpithigama.

Police said the murder had occurred last night (16) over a dispute between two individuals.

The murder suspect, a resident of Wariyapola, has fled on a motorcycle along with the air rifle used in the murder.

Polpithigama Police are conducting further investigations. – ada derana

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