Freedom does not end with victory – Prime Minister

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, in his message for the 74th Independence Day of Sri Lanka, remarked that freedom does not end with victory.

“It is something that should be won day by day, and it is this fact that we must highlight on each Independence Day,” he added.

Speaking on the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic which has plagued the world for two years, the Premier said these obstacles are not insignificant.

“Whilst historically, the people of this country had lost their freedom due to foreign invasions and separatist terrorism, today we have lost our freedoms due to the Covid-19 pandemic which deprived us of the opportunity to develop the country for two years.”

PM Rajapaksa stated that as a nation that has made sacrifices for its freedom, Sri Lanka cannot allow this frustration to overcome us despite the economy, education and livelihoods being completely overturned.

“Although the world faced massive setbacks, we have also used all the positive steps taken globally to recover from the pandemic. We have already taken steps necessary to provide the population with all three vaccinations as a solution to the pandemic.”

This approach that has enabled the country to recover from the pandemic to a great extent and return public life to a sense of normalcy, he continued.

PM Rajapaksa opined that freedom is not something that ends with the victory, noting that it is something that should be won day by day. “However, I firmly believe that a nation, inspired by hundreds of years of relentless struggle for freedom, is fully capable of remaining undaunted and facing up to this challenge as well.”

As a nation accustomed to unceasingly fighting for independence, on this Independence Day, let us resolve to overcome these challenges as well, PM Rajapaksa remarked.

Meanwhile, Minister of Irrigation, and State Minister of National Security, Disaster Management & Home Affairs Chamal Rajapaksa said it is a collective victory of all Sri Lankans that we have been able to successfully overcome the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic in comparison to other countries of the world.

“The dawn of the 4th of February 1948 symbolizes the declaration of Sri Lanka as an independent and free country having been a colony of the British for one hundred and thirty-three years. It is with great pride that I extend my warmest wishes as the State Minister of Home Affairs on this historic occasion commemorating the 74th anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence.”

The lawmaker said it is now time to explore strategies unique to Sri Lankans to successfully overcome the negative effects posed by the global Covid-19 pandemic on the country’s economy. – ada derana

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