Promotions for over 2,500 Air Force personnel on Independence Day

Coinciding with the 74th National Independence Day, Sri Lanka Air Force has promoted a total of 175 officers and 2,338 other ranks to their next ranks.

These officers were elevated to their next ranks as a tribute to their dedicated services to the motherland.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Army also announced promotions for 480 officers and 8,034 other ranks to mark the 74th Independence Day celebrations.

Accordingly, 7 Senior Brigadiers were elevated to the rank of Major General, 16 Colonels to the rank of Brigadier, 36 Lieutenant Colonels to the rank of Colonel, 50 Majors to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, 207 Captains to the rank of Major, 94 Lieutenants to the rank of Captain, 70 2nd Lieutenants to the rank of Lieutenant, the Army said. – ada derana

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