Heavy traffic near Health Ministry due to protest

Vehicular movement on the road in front of the Health Ministry has been interrupted by a protest launched by health workers.

The police have instructed the motorists to use alternative routes for the time being.

Eighteen health sector trade unions including those affiliated with nursing, supplementary and paramedical services commenced an indefinite strike action at 7.00 a.m. last morning.

The island-wide strike was staged based on demands including transforming health professional services into closed services, increasing the special duty allowance to Rs. 10,000, eliminating parallel salary anomalies caused by eliminating only teacher salary anomalies, the establishment of a ‘Health Administration Service’ representing all health professionals and the delays in providing solutions to problems that have arisen for health professionals.

However, the strike is not taking place at cancer, maternity and pediatric hospitals, hospitals for treatment of kidney diseases as well as the central blood bank. The strike is also not extended to emergency and lifesaving services.

Speaking on the matter, Co-convener of the Federation of Health Professionals, Saman Ratnapriya said the Minister of Health has called for a meeting with their association.

He noted that the health workers would continue the trade union action if fair solutions are not provided to their demands. – ada derana

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