Rectification of salary anomalies to be applied to teachers of private schools & Piriven

The government has decided to apply the rectification of teacher-principal salary anomalies to Piriven teachers and teachers in government-approved and -assisted private schools.

The relevant proposal tabled by the Education Minister was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers during its meeting held yesterday.

On January 05, Public Administration Circular No. 03/2016 (IV) was issued to make revisions to the salary scales in the Teacher Service, the Principal Service, and the Teacher Educator Service in accordance with the decisions taken at the meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers held on August 30, 2021, and January 03, 2022.

Accordingly, the salary revisions became effective from January 01, 2022.

The relevant circular was issued with the go-ahead of the National Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the Ministry of Finance. – ada derana

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