China permits batch of Sri Lankan students to return

China on Thursday gave the go ahead to a batch of Sri Lankan students, studying in Chinese universities but currently stranded in their home country because of Covid-related restrictions imposed by Beijing, to return to their campuses to resume in-person learning.

China’s decision to allow Sri Lankan students to return was announced by the Sri Lankan embassy in Beijing in a statement on Thursday.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has informed that the Chinese embassy in Colombo has finalised two (02) groups of students to return to China. Additional students are being processed to return to China,” the Sri Lankan embassy statement said on Thursday.

“The embassy will continue with its efforts to enable all students to return to their studies,” the statement added.

The embassy statement did not say how many students from Sri Lanka were being allowed to return.

According to China’s education ministry, until the end of 2018, 4,92,185 international students from 196 countries and regions were studying in China.


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