Circular issued declaring Friday a holiday for public sector employees

The circular related to the modalities of declaring Friday as a special holiday for government employees to cultivate while staying at home, has been issued by the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government.

Accordingly, the Public Administration Circular (10/2022) dated 25.05.2022 issued under the headline ‘Restricting the Calling to Staff of Public Institutions’ has been canceled with immediate effect.

The Ministry of Public Administration has issued a statement stating that the provisions of the new Circular (15/2022) issued in this regard will come into effect from 24.06.2022.

It was decided at the Cabinet meeting held on 13.06.2022 not to open government offices on Fridays of the week subject to the following provisions to allow public officers to stay at home every Friday for a period of 3 months and cultivate food crops in their backyards.

The Ministry of Public Administration has issued a new circular stating that the following provisions should be followed regarding the closure of offices on Fridays.

It further states that officers in offices that are closed on Fridays should not be employed on the basis of overtime pay or holiday pay on the following Friday or the following Saturday or Sunday.

The Cabinet of Ministers had approved a proposal to declare Fridays a holiday for government employees to encourage them to carry out agricultural work to increase production in the country.

According to the cabinet proposal, the ministers endorsed two key proposals to be implemented in the public service, which included a four-day work week for employees and a five-year no-pay leave for those who were willing to migrate for foreign jobs.

“With three non-working days, public sector employees will be encouraged to carry out agricultural work to increase production in the country,” the cabinet paper said.

See the circular below:

Providing Opportunity for Public Officers to Stay at Home for One Day and Engage in Cultivation and Agricul… – Ada derana

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