Fuel pass QR Code system rollout delayed

The issuing of fuel under the National Fuel Pass or QR Code system is expected to be carried out only at a few selected filling stations today as well.

It had been previously planned to implement this system at filling stations across the island from today (25).

However, the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) says that under the current situation, this will be implemented as a pilot project today as well.

The agency also stated that it will take a few more days to implement this system across the island.

Commenting on this further, Director of the ICTA Mr. Dasun Hegoda stated that their aim is to gradually expand this as a pilot project across the island in several stages.

He said they have successfully implemented the pilot project in a few selected locations and that they have implemented this in several areas around Colombo.

In addition, he said they have implemented the pilot project in 25 filling stations covering all 25 district and that they hope to enter the responses from this into the system and implement this system within the next few days.

Meanwhile the Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana WIjesekera said yesterday that the Fuel Pass QR was successfully tested at 20 locations island-wide on 4,708 vehicles.

He said the CPC was scheduled to test at 25 locations, however due to the non-placement of orders, delays in placing orders and delays in delivery, the 5 locations that was not tested will be tested in the next two days. – ada derana

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