Schools reopen in Sri Lanka amid fuel crisis

Government and government approved private schools across the island reopened today (25) for academic activities.

In the wake of the fuel crisis in the country, the education authorities took steps to close schools and it was extended on several occasions.

Accordingly, schools will resume activities as normal from today, and it has been decided for schools to function only 3 days a week during normal school hours.

The Ministry of Education stated that schools will be held during regular hours only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that home-based learning activities or online teaching should be provided on Wednesdays and Fridays when schools are not held.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Education has given instructions to all the education officials to maintain the learning-teaching process.

It further states that the first term of the 2022 school year will be extended until September 07, 2022 while the durations of the second and third schools terms will be notified later.

The Ministry of Education stated that the first semester examination should not be conducted and the assessments at the end of the subject units should identify the problems of the students and give the necessary feedback.

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Services Union, Mr. Mahinda Jayasinghe charged that although schools have restarted from today, no system has been prepared for students and teachers to come to school.

However, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha, expressing his opinion regarding the accusation made by the teachers’ unions, stated that there are nearly 40,000 vans and buses that transport children to schools and that even in remote areas, teachers and principals and sometimes parents transport their children on motorbikes.

“Looking at all these facts, we primarily wanted to restore public transport and school vans and buses. Necessary steps have been taken for that. Accordingly, necessary steps have been taken to strengthen public transport when schools start.”

He said that they discussed with the relevant authorities to rectify some deficiencies over the phone and that as per the circular, schools will be held for three days. He said that next Saturday after reviewing this again and depending on the attendance of the teachers, the necessary revision can be done by informing the trade unions from next Monday. – ada derana

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