LG polls not likely until May – Anura Kumara

Leader of the National People’s Power (NPP) Anura Kumara Dissanayake has claimed that there will be no Local Government (LG) election for the next two months.

Speaking at a party rally held in Polonnaruwa, the JVP leader stated that it is clear that although a decision pertaining to the date on which the 2023 LG polls will be held will be announced this month, the polls will likely be held only in May 2023.

Dissanayake further attributed the delay in elections to the apparent ‘fear’ of the President of the fact that the people of the country have already chosen the political party they want elected.

“The public of our country have already chosen their political party, and are now protesting on behalf of it. This is why elections are being postponed. However, the more this election is postponed, the stronger the NPP will get”, Dissanayake said.

Accordingly, he assured that the change the people will want will come into force within a year, explaining that “even if they postpone this election, they can only play these games for a year”. – ada derana

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