Multiple trade unions on token strike today

Trade unions of multiple sectors are engaging in a one-day token strike today (March 01), in protest of the government’s new tax policy.

According to trade union leaders, representatives of at least 40 trade unions in the sectors of power, water, petroleum, ports, railway and banking have joined the token strike.

While the trade unions in the medical, teaching and postal sectors have pledged support for the protest against the new tax policy, they have decided not to join the token strike.

The media spokesperson of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said its members are planning to engage in a demonstration later today.

Ahead of the mass token strike launched today, President Ranil Wickremesinghe signed a Gazette notification on February 27, declaring several services related to ports, airports and passenger transport services as essential services.

The relevant Gazette declared public transport services for passengers or goods, discharge, carriage, landing, storage, delivery and removal of articles of food or drink, or coal, oil, fuel from vessels within any port as defined for the purposes of the Customs Ordinance (Chapter 235), the provision and maintenance of facilities for transport services by road, rail or air, including roads, bridges, culverts, airports, ports and railway lines, as essential services with immediate effect. – ada derana

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