Daily wage for A/L paper marking less than that earned by labourers – Stalin

The Ceylon Teacher’s Union (CTU) has claimed that the refusal of university lecturers to mark the papers from the recent GCE Advanced Level examination is the main reason as to why the whole process has been stifled.

Commenting on the matter, CTU General Secretary Joseph Stalin said that the ‘sorrowful’ truth was that the daily wage paid for paper marking is not even equivalent to the daily wage earned by a labourer.

Meanwhile, President of the Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA), Prof. Shyama Banneheka has stated that they would continue their trade union action as satisfactory solutions were not provided for their demands.

Speaking with regards to a letter sent by the President stating that he was ready to have a direct discussion with the union pertaining to the recent revision in the PAYE tax imposed, Prof. Banneheka demanded that the meeting be scheduled before 22 March, warning that if their demands are not met, further, stricter action would be taken, and that they would continue to boycott the marking of the Advanced Level papers.

Thus, the FUTA will continue their trade union action, and will refrain from engaging in activities related to exams and the education of students. – ada derana

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